Make profit from your property 

Más rentabilidad, menos riesgo

More profitability , less risk.

Alquiler flexible, solo cuando te interesa

Flexible rental , set your own calendar.

1 a 12 meses, no necesita licencia turística

Monthly rentals, no tourist license needed.

Due to no more tourist apartment licenses ( HUT ) being issued, we offer medium term rental options ( for a period between 1 and 12 months ) as the most legally secure and profitable way to rent your property , allowing you to have total control over it .

¿What is your plan?


The full works

Gestión de reservas

Reservation management
We have the best clients

Limpieza y preparación

Cleaning and preparation
Your apartment is always impeccable

Check in

Check in
Warm welcome

Teléfono 24/7

24/7 Customer service
We are on call to solve any customer problems

Garantía de cobro

Payment guarantee
We guarantee the monthly payment of your tenants

Asesoramiento legal

Legal advice
We offer help with your taxes and legal queries


20% monthly


Protect my investment

Gestión de reservas
Limpieza y preparación
Check in
Teléfono 24/7
Garantía de cobro
Asesoramiento legal
Asesoramiento legal

Fixed regular income
We guarantee a monthly income regardless of the occupancy


30% monthly

How we manage rent collection



We collect payment from the client on agreed date. We are liable for the payment collection.



Will be in your bank account within 24 hours. You won´t have to wait for your money.



Monthly financial reports on the net profit you are making..

Why Vivebarcelona ?


Since 2002 subletting


More than 15.000 satisfied guests


More € generated for our property owners

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